Operating your own measurement station (SPMONE)

Technical Details

An overview regarding the performance features of the sound level monitor SPMONE is found on the web site of iocto. Detailed information are given in the technical data sheet, orders can be placed directly to iocto or by a filled-in order form.

With your order, please consider your Internet access:

  • If you have DSL, it suffices to order the basic variant of the sound level monitor package.
  • With analogue or ISDN connections, you will have to order the respective modem as well.
  • If there is no internet access available, you can order and run the SPMONE via a GSM modem ("mobile phone modem").

Since we do not pursue any commercial goals, we ask you to buy the measurement device directly at the producers.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

I want to operate a iocto measurement station. What has to be observed in this respect ?

  1. The microphone is to be mounted outdoors, on a water tube of 42 mm diameter.
  2. The cable included in the delivery is of 10 m length (extension cables are available at the producer's).
  3. The analysis unit is to be mounted indoors. It needs a 230 V power connection and a DSL network connection. Alternatively, it can work with a GSM-modem and a mobile SIM-card.