How to file a Complaint about Aircraft Noise

Complaint integrated in noise-graphs

  1. Selection of overflights
    In the highest zoom representation (look at different views), click on the peak values you want to complain about.

    Cancel: Click on symbol (left beside the complaint time) to remove a complaint flight from the list.

  2. The zoom navigation tools and
    You can use these tools without interrupting the collection of complaints, but only inside one day.

    If you switch to another day or another zoom-level you lose your collection.

  3. Send a complaint
    With a click on Send Aircraft noise complaint (at the top of the complaint window) you start the complaint procedure about the collected overflights.
  4. Cookies
    To facilitate your work, your personal data will have to be entered only once. They will then be stored in your computer. If you don’t allow cookies, you will have to enter your data each time anew.

Complaint independent from measurement values

  1. Select 'Complaint' in the 'Region Menu'
  2. Input
    Please fill in at least all fields with an *.

    Format Date:
    Format Time: hh:mm

    23.06.2012 and 23.6.2012 are valid
    12:04 and 12:4 are valid

    You can type in several complaint times separated by comma.

  3. Cookies
    For your easy handling you need not fill in your personal data every time. If you allow cookies your personal data is stored on your PC and filled in automatically every time you send a complaint.