Deutscher Fluglärmdienst e.V.

Technical Method of our low-cost Noise Measurements
Sensor and A/D conversion (A/D = analogue/digital)
The sensor has to be installed outside the house.
Attention has to be paid to protect it against wind and weather.

The sensor is connected to a micro-controller by a cable of 2 m length. This cable can be extended by a maximum of further 5 m.
operation voltage:12V
measurement range:30dB(A) .... 100dB(A)
output voltage:0V ... 2,5V

The micro-controller has to be installed inside the house.
It uses electricity (12V =, power supply contained in delivery).
From the micro-controller, a normal serial cable provides the connection to the PC.

left: sensor
center: micro-controller (length 12 cm)
top right corner: power supply
bottom right corner:serial connection to PC (can be extended up to 50 m)

Costs: 165,00 €.

A cast-off old device with Internet connection, running with any Windows system (from Windows 98SE upwards) will suffice.
Attention: Our programmes will also run with Windows 95. But we advise against Windows 95, as this operating system shows considerable instabilities in building up an Internet connection.
Recommendation: Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, Win7

The PC has to be provided by the installer of the station.

From January 2004 on, the software is also available for LINUX !
Costs: old PCs can most often be found free of charge.

All in all, you need two programmes:

Programme 1 for the gathering of measured data
This programme gathers measured data and passes them at an interval of 1 hour to programme 2.

Programme 2 for the data transfer to the Internet
This programme copies the gathered data to our Internet server.

All other programmes run on the Internet server.

Costs: 0,00 €, as all programmes have been developed by 'Deutscher Fluglärmdienst e.V.' and can be used as Freeware.